Barium Sulphate, Lithopone,Calcium carbonate,Kaolin,Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide


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Langfang Pairs Horses Chemical Co., Ltd. is one of the large-scale comprehensive professional pigment production bases in China. It is located in Langfang City on the “Beijing-Tianjin Corridor”, adjacent to the Jingjintang, with convenient transportation. The company was established in 1997 and is one of the companies in Langfang City that can detect and export chemical products. The company specializes in the production and sales of barium sulfate, lithopone powder, kaolin, calcium powder, anatase titanium dioxide, rutile titanium dioxide, iron oxide, the company has strong technical force and strong product development capabilities..

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which can be widely used in coatings, paints, plastics, inks, paper, rubber and other fields , And produce special products according to customer requirements.

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The Pairs Horses brand products have been well received by customers at home and abroad.

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New York, September 27, 2021/PRNewswire/–Reports and Data released its latest report, titled “By grade (rutile, anatase), by process (chloride and sulfate), by application ( Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) market analysis conducted by paints)”...

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